When the Weather Shifts

When you’ve seen numbers like 6 ° and 7 ° on your weather app recently, waking up to 66 ° is like waking up to a dream come true.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually love winter, but there was something about walking out onto the porch this afternoon, breathing in the fresh warm air, and feeling the warmth of the sun that was refreshing and invigorating.

Both girls had been in their cozy flannel pajamas all morning (which, if you know us, is nothing unusual…you can find them in their pajamas most days around here! Home = pajamas to the Moss girls). When they stepped outside, they erupted with squeals of delight! Ellie Faith came running back in, “Mom, it’s like a whole different world out there!” Five minutes later, two little girls came bounding down the stairs in shorts and tank tops ready for some adventures in the warmth.

Seeing them step outside and be quickly greeted by the warm sunshine today brought some needed perspective.

We have been having a cold snap lately…I mean really cold. We don’t often see single digits in an East Tennessee winter, but this past week we did…several times, in fact.

When you’ve had days or weeks of this kind of weather, you stay bundled up — warm clothes, coat, hat, gloves, scarf – you do it all. You get used to needing all the layers when you walk out the door. What a surprise to be greeted with 60 degrees but dressed for 6 degrees!

From in my house, all I knew was that the last few days had been freezing; therefore, today will probably be freezing.

The Lord challenged me as I stepped out onto my porch, “Why do you dress for weather I didn’t give?”

Sometimes we get so used to the way things have been that we fail to notice when there has been a shift. Sometimes we stay cloaked in our winter gear because that’s what we’ve always done, but the presence of God is bursting in like rays of warm sunshine on a winter day.

Maybe you feel like you’ve been in a season of despair and anxiety, or maybe it’s been a rough season in your marriage, or maybe the challenge is with your children right now. Maybe you’re braced for the worst, and you can’t imagine that God has another plan. I’m encouraged, today, that, just maybe, the sun is starting to shine, and perhaps, we should check in with Him for our weather update.

Don’t dress for 6° when it’s 60°.

It’s just so easy to keep doing the same thing. It’s easy to keep getting dressed in the same clothes.

It’s easy to expect what has always been to always be.

Standing on the porch on that sunshiny day made me think about the places in my life that I just keep doing the same thing – never expecting the weather to change.

I feel like God is changing the weather, and I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want to keep my head down in self-protection and miss that the sun is actually starting to peek out.

It took my daughters all of fifteen seconds to recognize that it was a beautiful and warm day. Then, it took them only a few minutes to get changed and outside ready to enjoy the glory of a sunny day.

They didn’t wonder if the weather was going to stay nice all day or doubt that it was really as warm as it seemed to feel. They didn’t take coats and hats out with them just incase it got cold again unexpectedly. No. They just delighted in the warmth.

I want to recognize when God is shining on a situation, and I want to fully embrace it. I want to give room and space in my heart for the weather to change. The truth is, later this week, it is going to be freezing again – but the greater truth is, Spring is coming.

No matter what our circumstances and situations are screaming at us right now, we can rest knowing that He is faithful and that it won’t be winter forever.

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