The Day After Easter

The day after Christmas is always a hard day. We spend weeks building up to Christmas Day, and then…its over. The planning, anticipation, and excitement are gone. Finishing the last of the left overs, clearing up the decorations, finally taking down the tree…to be honest…it can take several weeks to get over Christmas being over.

But, the day after Easter…is Monday. Every year, it’s always just Monday. How quickly we forget!

My prayer today is that Easter is not so quickly put behind us.

This year, we did the Sparkle Eggs (click here to read about The Sparkle Egg) activity with the girls. They both wrote very insightful and self-reflective things on the paper they put inside their eggs.

I was impressed with their honesty. But, if we let it, the Sparkle Egg activity will be a distant memory by lunch on Monday as they deal with the same sin and selfishness that they wrote on those papers just a day before.

You know, I thought I had been very clever to sneak the papers out of the eggs on Easter without their knowing. However, at supper, Victoria informed me that book says that the parents removed the papers from the eggs.

Obviously, there is no magic trick involved in getting the papers out of the egg. And there is no magic trick in God’s dealing with the sin in our hearts. The sin in our children’s hearts (and our own) is only removed because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross.  

The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus is a historical fact. And, Easter is the time when we remember and celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus.

But, Easter is not just for remembering what God did….it is for remembering what God is doing.

The Bible teaches us that the same power that raised Christ from the dead is at work in our hearts and lives today…..and everyday. The impact of the resurrection empowers our lives every day— all year long.


We should not put the papers with the sins and struggles that we (and our children) face back in the egg. Today is an opportunity for us (and our children) to live in the power and freedom that is made available to us by Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection.

Remember, the tomb was still empty the day after Easter. 

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