Giving Your Kids Jesus Part I: Redefining Success

Friends, one of the most important things we will ever do in life is point our children to Jesus.

It doesn’t matter if they grow up to be world renown surgeons, astronauts, professional athletes, dedicated school teachers, or millionaires…if they don’t have Jesus, they have nothing. 

Give your kids Jesus. Present the gospel in your home, around your table, to your family.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? It sounds like it should be an easy enough task to accomplish, but sometimes it can be one of the most challenging. It requires a clear vision and a perspective that sees above and beyond the challenges of the day.

In fact, it requires us to see those challenges, not as interruptions to our day, but as opportunities to help our children find Jesus in the midst of their struggle.

Anyone have a child going through a struggle? No matter how old our children are, there will be struggles.

Got a two year old? The struggle is real! That two year old has a mind of his own and is probably beginning to assert his opinions! Got a twelve year old? The struggle is real! That twelve year old feels like she’s ready for more freedoms and responsibilities but hasn’t quite proven that she is, in fact, ready.

I truly believe that the answer to every challenge, obstacle, and hurdle our children are facing is found in Jesus. I know this because that’s where the answer to MY every challenge, obstacle, and hurdle is found.

About a year ago, I was heading to bed one night feeling pretty defeated. It was one of those #momfail kinda days….I remember laying in bed that night taking inventory of the day…

Homeschool day? It was terrible. Laundry? Never got done. Keys? Lost. Supper? In the crockpot. (Almost sounds like a win, doesn’t it? But, no…. never got plugged in and turned on.) Do you know how disappointing it is to think you’re coming home to a nice, hot supper, but instead, you have a crock pot full of raw chicken?!

It was just one of those days. One of those days you can laugh at later, but in the moment, it’s just not funny. Nothing is funny.

I was laying in bed that night replaying my failures of the day…when I felt the gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit, “Did you give you children Jesus today?”

But it was such a bad homeschool day…Victoria was still struggling with memorizing her multiplication facts, and Ellie didn’t want to do reading…there were frustrations and tears and…“Did you give your children Jesus today?”

AND good grief, I lost my keys…again! And who just forgets to plug in the crock pot?! “Did you give your children Jesus today?”

When I finally stopped rattling off my failures and actually answered the question I was being asked…I remembered our morning.

Our girls were in their rooms, worship music playing, having their own time with Jesus. I remembered how we started the school day with them sharing what Jesus had shown them during their quiet time. They each read a scripture to me that they had read during their own quiet time. They read me the prayers they had written in their journals.

I remembered how, later that day, when one of them was struggling, I was able to point her to a scripture and pray with her.

With tears streaming down my face, suddenly the day didn’t look so bad anymore.

I had a major perspective shift that night.

I knew, in that moment, that even though my day didn’t measure up against the ruler I was using…when I changed measuring sticks, everything changed.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I know there are things we have to do. Yes, we need to have good school days. Yes, we eventually have to do laundry. Yes, we have to feed our family. Yes, to all the things…

But, maybe we are putting an unneeded pressure on ourselves. Could it be that we are getting distracted by so many other things that we’re missing the better thing? Maybe we need to change the measuring stick?

Sometimes, it’s easy to get distracted and caught up in all the things we think we “need” to be doing or think we “need” to be giving our kids.

You can spend five minutes scrolling through Pinterest and be left feeling like a complete failure.

We can spend our lives reaching for a standard that others, social media, and our culture are holding over our heads…or we can reach for Jesus.

Since that night over a year ago now…I have asked myself a question at the end of every single day…

“How did I give my children Jesus today?”

I want to have an answer for this question…I want to be able to list the ways that I showed HIM to my children…ways that I intentionally made Him tangible in their lives.

We have to understand that our children are on their own journey. As parents, we have the honor, privilege, and responsibility to guide and steward them. More than anything else, I want my children to know how to find Jesus as they journey through life. I want them to own it. I want them to know Him for themselves.

It’s not enough for them to know of Jesus. I want them to truly know HIM.

Reality is that without Jesus we have nothing. He is our everything.

If we want to give our children everything – then we must give them one thing…Jesus.


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