What Your Husband Really Wants This Father’s Day

We were driving home from D.C. a few weeks ago, and I said something in passing to Casey that I appreciated about him. It wasn’t anything earth shattering or amazing…just a little something small and seemingly insignificant.

I didn’t even know the girls were paying attention to our conversation when, all of a sudden, Ellie says, “Mom, what other appreciations do you have for Daddy? You don’t give him appreciations that much.”

Ummmm. Ouch.

The worst part about it? She was right.

We fly through life, day in and day out. Casey and I both like to get things done…we like efficiency, productivity, and we genuinely enjoy working at whatever is in front of us at the time…but that doesn’t leave a lot of room for noticing the small things and expressing gratitude.

It’s not that it’s not there…it’s just that it doesn’t come out enough. (Obviously…my eight year old is noticing it!)

What happened next was probably a good forty-five minutes to an hour of the four of us sharing “appreciations” with each other. I loved seeing the smiles on our daughters’ faces as they heard us give our “appreciations” to each other. You could see how our love and hearts for each other were filling their own hearts. Then they wanted in on the action and had their own “appreciations” to share with us and each other.

Ladies, could we slow down enough to find some “appreciations” for the man we share our life with?

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, maybe we should be asking ourselves what we see, and more importantly what God sees, in the heart of the man we’re married to.

Let’s face it, at times life can be hectic, complicated, and frustrating. Sometimes we feel like we’re on the frontlines, and when we should be fighting for our family together, we just end up fighting with each other.

Your husband, the Father of your children, is a warrior BY your side…not an enemy soldier from the other side.

A wife has a tendancy to focus on the things her husband isn’t doing that she wishes he would do…or the things he is doing that she wishes he wouldn’t do!

When we do this, what we’re actually missing out on is the gift of who he is in our lives.

Oh, I know there are things he could do better..but couldn’t we all?

I think if we spent more time appreciating and recognizing the gift that he is, the little things he does or says, we would come to realize that all those other things…all those things that seem like a big deal fade to the back and become a lot less of a big deal.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that what your husband, the father of your children, wants more than a new power tool this Father’s Day is the power that comes from a supportive and thankful wife.

I think one of the best gifts we could give him this Father’s Day is the gift of being seen.

Stop and take notice over these next few weeks…and help your children do the same.This Father’s Day take a second, and tell that man what you see in him.

Click here for a printable to help you and your children show your “appreciations” this Father’s Day!





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