Game Seven

Fourteen years ago, Kara and I took a road trip out west when I graduated medical school. Currently, we are making a similar trip  with our girls.

As we are traveling across the country, one thing that it seems every place has in common: sports. I’ve seen baseball diamonds in towns that didn’t even have a gas station.  And no matter what national park we visited, the sports’ fans are easy to spot.

It’s a good time of the year if you’re a sports fan. We have the consistency of baseball as the season is getting into to full swing (pun intended) and the anticipation of football with the draft and spring practices.

But what really gets sport’s fans excited are the playoffs, and right now we have hockey and basketball to enjoy. As sports fans, we love the playoffs. We love the do-or-die, no tomorrow, no-holds barred, give-it-all-you-got approach to the game. We like to see our favorite players on our favorite team really playing hard.

And what we like most is Game 7.  Do you know why everyone loves a Game 7? It’s because there’s no Game 8!  

Sure, it’s easier to see your team win in four games, but that’s not what the true fans really want. No true fan ever goes to bed early during Game 7.

It’s in these moments, when it really matters because it’s all on the line, that history is made and legends are born. And who wants to miss those moments?

Dad’s, I am encouraging all of us to not miss those moments in our families.

Father today in the reality that every-day with our kids is a Game 7 kind of day. Every day we have the opportunity to make history. Every day we have the opportunity for greatness. Every day….we Father! 

Father your kids today like it’s Game 7….every conversation matters, every attitude matters, every choice matters.

Your job may be important, but it’s never more than a Game 3.

The yard and garden….they’re just regular season games.

Watching TV and playing video games…those just are exhibition games.

But your family….they are your Game 7.

No excuses. Our families deserve our best. We can father through illness, fatigue, stress, boredom, and busyness.

Father today like there’s no tomorrow…Father today like its Game 7!  




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