A Father’s Thoughts on Father’s Day

The Third Sunday of June…Father’s Day. What really is the point of Father’s Day anyway? Is it just:

  • The day when ugly ties and grill-tool sets make the perfect combo gift.
  • That one day a year where men get to be selfish and feel good about it.
  • That holiday when our wives and children use passive aggressive techniques to try to get us to do more of the things they want us to do.
  • Or just a day that makes a matching set with mother’s day…just to keep things even.

I think there is, or at least should be, more to Father’s day than this.

However, I’ve always found it interesting that we spend mother’s day encouraging moms about the amazing job they do in the home, and yet we spend father’s day telling men how they need to work harder and become the man they were created to be.  

Truth is: there is a time and a place for challenging and a time and place for encouraging both Mothers and Fathers.

Reality is also that one of the main reasons that our American culture is coming apart at the seams is the unraveling of the family.

And, one of the main reasons that families are being destroyed is that the the thread of fathering is weak or missing in so many homes across this country.

This is not about being perfect. If we wait until we are confident in our ability as a father, our children will grown up fatherless. No one has the perfect father…that includes you and your children, and it includes me and my children.   

I know, it’s complicated. What about single moms, adoptive dads, step-fathers, foster dads, brothers and uncles… Focusing on the importance of one does not devalue another. Truthfully, there is more than enough need to go around.  

Fathers give identity because fathers speak identity.

We are called to be leaders, providers, protectors, and servants. We are called to reflect the Fathering heart of God and point our children to Him. 

Dads, this Father’s Day, let us look beyond our own needs and wants.

This Father’s Day, let us pray from Malachi 4:6 that God would “turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.” Remembering that this starts in our own hearts and toward our own children.

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