A Letter to Fathers…

To the Fathers…

We see you. We get busy and distracted and we forget to let you know it, but we see you.

We see the way you get up morning after morning and go to work to provide for our family.

We see the way you sacrificially love and serve, putting the needs of your family above your own.

We see you fall down and then we see you stand back up…over and over again.

We actually do see all the good in you…even when all you think we see are the flaws.

We see when you take the extra minute to snuggle the kids at bed time.

We see when you have work piling up but you’re outside chasing kids around in the back yard all giggles and laughs.

We see when you’ve had a hard day at work but still manage to make walking through the door the best part of our day.

We see you juggling life trying to not let anything drop, and we see you fighting to help us in our own juggling acts.

We see you at your weakest moments and we see you at your strongest.

We see who you are…a faithful husband, father, son, brother, and friend.

To the hero of our homes we say, “Thank you.”


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