Summer Travel Tips

Let’s talk summer travel! We recently got home from our big two week road trip! I wanted to share just a few travel thoughts for anyone else who has a big trip coming up.

  • Slow down! And, I’m not talking about how you drive. Enjoy the moments. Savor it. Be fully present. I have found the best way to slow time down is to be all there…fully invested right where you are that second.
  • Laugh a lot.
  • Expect the unexpected. Delays, mishaps, traffic, missed exits, etc…It’s all a part of the adventure. (see previous comment…if you can laugh about it later, you might as well laugh about it now.)
  • Skip the chains. Why go to the same restaurants you have at home? Find something new and local!
  • The destination isn’t really what traveling is about. The memories made and the shared experiences are what’s most important. Who you’re with is more important than where you’re going.


There were also few things I came across that we just loved, and I wanted to pass on the info!

CHAT PACKS: These are awesome! We had A LOT of car time (it was a ROAD trip, after all). We pulled these out and, honestly, had hours of fun. My parents, Casey and I, and the girls all had a blast with these. Each card you pull out has a random question…everything from, “If you were a season what season would you be?” to “If you could instantly have back something you lost what would you want back?” It generated lots of laughs and great conversation!

(Click the image above to get your own Chat Pack!)


PACKING CUBES: A friend of mine recommended getting these for our trip and I am so glad I listened! These were a sanity saver for me. If you’re like me, all it takes is getting into the suitcase ONE time to get something, and it looks like a tornado touched down! With these packing cubes, I wasn’t digging through suitcases to find things, and clothes weren’t spilling out everywhere. It kept the suitcase neatly organized as we were in and out of hotels every night. Seriously, get them. At first, I wasn’t sure what difference they would really make, but they were so useful. Especially when packing multiple people in one suitcase.

 (Click the image above to get your own Packing Cubes!)


PARK SMARTS FOR KIDS: If you happen to be visiting any National Parks this summer check out this website and purchase the book for your location! You will get an instant download and can print the book. The kids loved the activities – fun and educational.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 9.01.52 PM


(Click image above to get your own Park Smarts For Kids book!)


A JOURNAL: Casey’s Aunt gave each of the girls a journal to write in. They spent time each day jotting down some memories from the day. Victoria, our oldest, journaled on her own. I helped Ellie with some prompts for each day. I went ahead and wrote in a space for her to put the best part of the day, worst part, funniest part, most beautiful sight, etc… That helped give her a starting place to gather her thoughts. I loved reading what stood out to them and getting their perspective on the day.


What are some of your favorite travel must-haves? I love hearing about new things! If it hadn’t been for my friend telling me about the packing cubes…I don’t want to EVEN think about the mayhem that would have happened getting in and out of our suitcases everyday! Share your faves with us!


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