I’ve actually always disliked that word … “change”.

I have vivid memories of being a child, teenager, and young adult experiencing great unsettledness when there was change. I appreciated consistency, routines, and schedules. (In fact, that’s still fairly accurate.)

If life is going a long just fine, why do things have to change anyway? Maybe things can stay the same if I hold on tightly enough?

I’ve been thinking a lot about change this past week. Seasons are about to change. We’re in those last few weeks of summer, and fall is just around the corner. It’s time for change. The weather will change. The leaves with change.

This morning I was reflecting on how the Lord is gracious to give us seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Like a merry-go-round … over and over we repeat the seasons. Round and round we go. The earth continually spinning, the days coming and going, and we cycle through the seasons we’ve come to know so well.

If I’m honest, the seasons are bit like a security blanket. I’ve come to rely on them.

Spring … the fragrant blooms, the color of green canvasing the skyline again, the sound of birds chirping, the warmer days and new life.

Summer … longer daylight hours, the sound of the girls’ giggles when they swim, afternoon storms, the break from school, the sense of adventure.

Fall … the vibrant colors of the leaves, the cool air, opening the windows and feeling the breeze, sweaters and boots, the consistency of routine.

Winter … bundling up, cozy evenings by a fire, hot chocolate and good books, game nights inside as a family, snow days, the joy of celebrating Christmas.

The truth is, each season is beautifully unique. Each season brings with it features and characteristics that we don’t experience unless we are in that season.

I could just as easily list off several things I dislike about each season as well. With every season, we are certain to experience both likes and dislikes. There are things about it that we take joy in and things we wish weren’t a reality.

The seasons mark change. They mark transition.

The dictionary defines season as: “each of the four divisions of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) marked by particular weather patterns and daylight hours, resulting from the earth’s changing position with regard to the sun.”
Just as we experience the change of seasons throughout the year, we also experience the changing seasons in our lives.
We will go through seasons marked by particular patterns resulting from our changing position with regard to Jesus, the Son.
Just as the earth revolves around the sun, our lives should revolve around the Son.
We can’t stay in Spring forever. We don’t get to hang on to Summer. For our own good and health, we need the seasons. We don’t get the choice of staying where we are, but the beautiful thing about it is this: the Son is unchanging and unwavering. In every season and through every change, He is our fixed point.
The changing seasons of our life are, in fact, extremely beautiful. Let’s have a perspective that can see the joy in the season we’re in.
Don’t wish for more Summer when it’s time to move on to Fall. When the last of the leaves have hit the ground and Winter is creeping in, be ready to embrace it.
If you are in the season of babies, bottles, sleepless nights, and endless diapers … be in that season.
If you’re chasing toddlers, fixing lunches, wiping noses, and answering the question, “why” a million times over right now … be in that season.
Or perhaps your kiddos are older and you’ve realized that you haven’t had to make lunches in quite some time. In fact, the kids are helping cook, and they are driving themselves to activities, and suddenly you have kids who are quickly becoming your friends … be in that season.
Maybe you’re marriage is thriving … maybe you’re fighting for your marriage … whatever season you are in … be in that season.
Just as there are likes and dislikes that accompany each season of the year, there will be both great joy and pain that comes with each season in life. Somehow that’s what makes it so beautiful.
We will miss the beauty of our current season if we’re mourning the loss of the last season, or filled with anxiety over the season that’s just around the corner.
No matter how much I disliked change, it seemed to happen anyway. We will grow through the change if we learn to embrace it and not fear it. If we learn to stay fixed on the Son along the way, we will become more aware of the strengths He’s instilling in us through each and every season of life.
We must open our hands. When we hold our hands open, we cannot only let go, but we can also receive.
Life moves in seasons. Know your season. Be in your season.
Let your favorite season be the one you’re in right now.

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  1. Such a great reminder, especially as my 3 of my kids are in my teens. I am learning to let go of the past season & embrace the one I’m currently in.

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