Happy New Year

Some of us may be wondering how it’s even possible that it’s January 1st …others of us are wondering what in the world took it so long to get here.

Each of us experienced 2018 in a unique way.

Most likely, the year brought laughter and tears. It held dreams that became a reality and dreams that crumbled into pieces.

We saw wonder in the eyes of a new Mama as she held her baby for the first time. And we saw the tenacious way a heart holds onto memories as we let go of loved ones. We witnessed the miracle of life…both beginning and the end.

We saw adventure and we saw mundane.

We watched children learn, grow, and accomplish incredible milestones…and then we reminded them to say “thank you,” pick up their socks, and throw the trash away at least 2,728 times.

We looked at our spouse with all the love and devotion in our hearts and thought, “How blessed am I?” And other times we rolled our eyes and with frustration in our hearts, thought, “Seriously?”

We’ve had days that felt like a walk in the park…and days we’ve felt walked over.

The 365 days that made up 2018 have come and gone. And the one thing I am certain of is that your 365 days probably didn’t go exactly as planned. There were beautiful, unexpected moments and there were messy, unwelcomed interruptions.

On this day…the first day of 2019, I am reminding myself that it doesn’t matter how much planning, preparing, or prioritizing I do…365 more days are going to pass by, and they will hold moments I could never see coming.

In the face of a new year, when my tendency is to plan, create strategies, map out the year, put my ideas on paper, schedule, and make lists...instead I’m reminding myself that I have a good Shepherd.

And I have noticed something about Him. He likes us to lean in. He likes to keep us relying on Him…each and every day.

His new mercies…they are new every morning. He gives us our daily bread. The manna is just enough for this day.

This is a time of year when some of us feel energized and motivated ready to tackle the year like a freight train going a million miles an hour, full steam ahead. Yet others of us feel like pulling the covers back over our heads hoping we can just hide out and ignore life just a few (or 75) days more.

In all honesty, I’ve been on both ends of that spectrum. This year I’m not trying to be the freight train or the hermit.

This year I just want to find Him and follow Him…day-by-day…moment-by-moment.

Let’s be present. Let’s trust Him in the moment. Let’s look to Him for the grace and mercy we desperately need for the 24hours we’re in.

We’re only kidding ourselves if we think we can stay motivated through positive self-talk for 365 days. I don’t need the voice of a cheer leader in my head…I need a Savior. I need a Shepherd.

There will be a day we crash, but it doesn’t have to all come crashing down. There will be a day we fail, but we don’t have to believe we’re a failure.

The best planning in the world won’t sustain my soul. But He will.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve made lists and have spent plenty of time with my 2019 planner in front of me, but my hope for the new year isn’t in the lists or the plan but the very One who holds the world together.

And He holds your world too.

He will be present and near each and every moment over the next 365 days…let’s find Him there.

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