Thanksgiving. “Because a thankful heart is a happy heart. I’m glad for what I’ve have, that’s an easy way to start…” Does anyone else hear that VeggieTales song ringing in their ears this time of year? I seem to start humming that little tune every November…#momlife. Leftovers from the toddler years. Such a simple phrase […]

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What Motherhood is Teaching Me

There are some lessons I’ve learned over the last ten years of motherhood. Some things  have been easy to roll with, and some things have rolled over me. As mothers, don’t we all have an idea of the kind of Mom we want to be? It can be a rude awakening when the real you is staring […]

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Give Me Vision

What is God saying to us about our children? That’s a question Casey and I ask ourselves at the beginning of every new year. We take some time to process and pray about where our daughters are and where they are going. We think through areas of strength we have seen in them this past […]

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